Shuttle Domed Louvre Bollard


  • Body is extruded from aluminium
  • Head is die cast  Aluminum
  • IP65 rated
  •  Louvre Anodized High purity aluminium
  • Domed Head section
  • Acrylic Clear diffuser
  • Powdercoat finish Matt Black BLK
  • Stainless Steel Screws
  • Sealed Silicone Gasket
  • LED E27 Lamp


The Shuttle bollard series of bollards use energy efficient LED lamps and the internal polished louvre provides excellent light distribution.


The post is baseplate mounted and the bollards are available with a curved  domed cap and in Matt Black  powdercoat finish. Ideal for pathway and walkway lighting.

Catalogue NumberHeadLampWattageColourLumen
CL-SDL-03-10LED Round E2710watt LED 360 Degree lamp 6000K 1,000LM
CL-SDL-03-15LED Round E27 15watt LED 360 Degree lamp 6000K 1,500 LM
CL-SDL-03-26PLC Round2 Pin 26watt COmpact Fluorscent 4K1,800Lm
CL-SDL-03-70MH Round E27 70w Metal Halide 4K5,000LM
CL-SDL-03-70S Round E2770w High Pressure Sodium 4K5,600LM
CL-SDL-03-80MV Round E2780w Mercury Vapour 4K 3,600LM



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