Stepped Column baseplate mounted


  • Column manufactured in steel
  • Hot dipped galvanised finish complying with A.S.1560
  • Access Door
  • Powdercoat Finish
  • Baseplate mounted


The options of a stepped or multi stepped galvanised steel columns which are manufactured from straight tubular sections in a variety of diameters.
Stepped Column with single enlarged base 2 (two) sections different size sections
Catalogue Number BaseDiameterMaximum Height
L.S.C. Large Base 220MM 8 Metres
M.S.C. Medium Base 165mm 6 Metres
S.S.C Small BAse 139mm 4 Metres
Multi Stepped Coumn with two transistion and 3 (three) Diameter sections
Catalogue Number BaseCentre Top Maximum Height
L.M.S.C. Large Base 220 dia 100dia 10 metres
M.M.S.C Medium Base 165 Dia 90 Dia 8 metres
S.M.S.C Small Base 100 Dia 76 dia 6 metres
Optional Accessoried can be supplied
ADAccess Door
RBARagbolt assembly
SASpiigot Adaptors (To Suit luminiare)
ORAOutreach Arm
PCFPowdercoat Finish - Standard Colour range



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