The Wyong Decorative Street Lights


  • Body in cast aluminium head section with heavy duty spun aluminium shade
  • Visor in vandal resistant UV stabilised opal polyethylene which fixes into the head section with a unique screw thread making the visor impervious to ingress of insects
  • All fixing screws in 316 stainless steel
  • Fitting comes complete with decorative conical top outreach arm manufactured from aluminium and with cast aluminium pole cap
  • Standard spigot size 89mm dia x70mm high
  • Integral control gear up to 100watt metal halide
    **150watt version with remote control gear for in-pole mounting
  • Other non-standard powdercoat finished on upon request
  • Note Wall bracket versions available upon request


  • Housing Estates
  • Driveways
  • Shopping Centres
  • Car Parks
  • Parklands
  • Pathways


Decorative street – area light, die cast aluminium head section, spun heavy duty shade, opal polythylene vandal resistant visor. With matching conical top outreach Powdercoat finish – Standard colours black – White – Hawthorne Green.
Catalogue NumberLamp Type
CL8201W Mercury Vapour - 50 Watt M/V E27
CL8202WMercury Vapour - 80 Watt M/V E27
CL8203WMercury Vapour - 125 Watt M/V E27
CL8204W High Pressure Sodium - 50 Watt SON-E E27
CL8205WHigh Pressure Sodium - 70 Watt SON-E E27
CL8206WHigh Pressure Sodium - 100 Watt SON-E E27
CL8207WMetal Halide - 70 Watt HQI-E E27
CL8208WMetal Halide - 100 Watt HQI-E E27
CL8211WMetal Halide - 150 Watt HQI-E E27 (*Remote Gear)
CL8209WPLC Compact Fluorescent - 1x26 Watt PLC
CL8210W PLC Compact Fluorescent - 2x26 Watt PLC



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